Act Retarded!

Retarded Lo-Fi-Garage-Pop for Retarded People (2007-2009)

Retarded teenagers often listen to this music to cope with the pressures associated with being retarded, according to research.
The results of a study of more than 1,000 of the most retarded five per cent of young people will come as relief to parents whose offspring are devotees of Nobunny, Thomas Function and their musical descendants.
Researchers found that, far from being a sign of cleverness and strong academic ability, many adolescent "lofigaragepopheads" are extremely silly and often use the music to help them deal with the stresses and strains of being retarded. (Telegraph.co.uk)


1. Nodzzz - Losing My Accent
2. Smith Westerns - The Glam Goddess
3. Intelligence - Warm Transfers
4. Nobunny - Mess Me Up
5. Black Lips - Katrina
6. Smith Westerns - Gimme Some Time
7. Thomas Function - Cant Say No
8. Nodzzz - Simple Song
9. Jay Reatard - Screaming Hand
10. Apache - Crystal Clear
11. Cheap Time - Penny And Jenny
12. Jeffrey Novak - Queen Of Moods
13. Dan Melchior Und Das Menace - Mr - Oblivian
14. Sic Alps - Gelly Roll Gum Drop
15. The Strange Boys - MLKs
16. Black Lips - Not A Problem [live]
17. Harlem - Psychedelic Tits
18. Love Boat - Take A Ride In My Machine
19. The Barbaras - Day at the Shrine
20. The Okmoniks - It's Not You
21. The Okmoniks - What I Want
22. Nobunny - Boneyard
23. The Sweet Sixteens - She Said Alright
24. Lover! - My Michelle
25. Bad Sports - Ooh Ooh Ooh
26. Box Elders - One Foot In Front Of The Other
27. Lenguas Largas - Entity Me
28. Intelligence - The Unessential Cosmic Perspectiv
29. Sic Alps - Bathman
30. The Barbaras - Summertime Road
31. Vivian Girls - Never See Me Again
32. Jeffrey Novak - Pretty Please
33. Dan Melchior Und Das Menace - I Don't Want To Be Nice

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p.s.: I also made a compilation called "Power Pop Meets Punk" (title is self-explanatory), but almost all the tracks are already included in previous Power Pop compilations, so I'm not going to post it here. You can find link and tracklist here.